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Stakeholder Engagement

KSC pursues good relations of cooperation with stakeholders. We expect that the stakeholders’ rights can be protected by effective communication.
Customer policy
Under the Customers First banner, we offer the customized services including design, development, manufacture and production. KSC have passed the ISO9002, QS9000 and ISO/TSD16949 to assure the high quality standard of services and fully meet customer needs.
Employees' health, safety and rights
1. We comply with labor regulations to create appropriate management systems and processes. We also respect the Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, which made by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in 1998, to protect employees' legal rights, to eliminate the discrimination in respect of employment and occupation.
2. We provide a safety and healthy working environment for our employees. We also offer regular safety and health education for employees.
3. We establish channels of communication with employees. The employees’ right will be protected by regular Labor-Management Conference and Employees' Welfare Committee.
Shareholder relationship
We attach great importance to shareholder relationship. In order to enhance the transparency and timeliness of the material information disclosed, we implement the spokesperson system and irregular investors’ conference.
Supplier relationship
We have a rigorous supplier selection system. We seek for long-term and stable cooperation to make production and marketing processes smooth.
Community involvement and social benefit
We take active part in community and social benefit activities, such as maintenance of environment, organized blood donation day for our employees, sponsoring community events.
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