HOMECSRHuman Rights Policy

Human Rights Policy

Kian Shen's human rights policy

The regulations for job requirements have been made in accordance with strict labor laws and the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the International Labor Organization's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, as well as the spirit and fundamentals of human rights embodied in such international human rights treaties. We place the utmost value on human rights in our operations, and we treat all employees, including contract employees and interns, with the same dignity and respect.

To highlight labor rights

We 've been complying with the strict labor laws and announced that there's no any employmnet of underage workers . In consideration of equality for job seekers , the employment are carried out by company base on their professional skills and experiences regardless of race,beliefs ,religion, political party, birthplace ,gender , sexual orientation , marriage , appearance and disability .

Safety workplaces

We made relevant safety rules and strengthened risk management on those risky operations during production with the aim for creating safety workplaces for employees. Several of internal training and activities are designed for workers to check facilities and report abnormalities management team monthly for the purpose of decreasing the accidents. Moreover , workers are able to experience and find out potential risks by the ways of safety training courses in the classroom where could do simulation and drills focusing on frequent accidents .

To advance personnels' education

Our company providing employees with a variety of training and schooling in order to broaden employees' potential and skills which are beneficial to their careers , including new recruits , exclusive trainings for senior staffs and workers , outsourcing courses of professional courses, foreign languages (English and Japanese ) and internship abroad.

Multi-channels for communications

In order to ensure carrying out comprehensive communications with employees ,calling on the meeting for employer and employee routinely , establishing the effective channels for complaints and whistle-blower , gathering the varied opinions from them and forming the internal labor organizations of their choice without any interference from management team in accordance with labor laws .