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Dividend Notice

After close of a fiscal year, the Corporation shall first compensate the losses from previous years, aside from paying the income taxes in accordance with law, before contributing 10% of the remaining net profits as legal reserve as well as a certain percentage of the remaining net profits as special reserve determined by the competent authority in accordance with the Regulations Governing Stock Exchanges. If there are profits left after the above allocation, the Board of Directors shall make the allocations of earnings upon resolution at the shareholders' meeting. The remaining profits shall be further allocated in the following order:

1. For compensation of directors and supervisors 1% of the profits; and
2. For employee bonus between 0.1% and 5% of the profits; and
3. For the remaining profits, the Board shall propose an allocation plan to be resolved at a shareholders' meeting.

Our company is in the maturity stage facing volatile and uncertain industry environment. For the demand of working capital and the long-tern financial plan, shareholders' dividends shall be distributed in cash or stock, while the cash dividend not less than twenty percent of the total amount of distribution.

Dividend Notice
Dividend year Cash Dividend Stock Dividend
Cash dividends
(NTD/per Share)
ex-dividend date Payment Date Stock dividends
(NTD/per Share)
ex-rights date Payment Date
2016 2.3 2017/07/26 2017/08/18 - - -
2015 1.4 2016/07/26 2016/08/19 0.6 2016/09/13 2016/11/03
2014 1.4 2015/07/22 2015/08/13 - - -
2013 1.6 2014/08/26 2014/09/16 - - -
2012 1.6 2013/07/31 2013/08/28 - - -
2011 1.7 2012/07/18 2012/08/14 - - -
2010 1.5 2011/07/26 2011/08/18 0.5 2011/07/26 2011/09/09
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